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Wanting to organise a hen party life model in London in 2024? I’m an experienced hen party life model available in London and Brighton. My INSTAGRAM –  mike_life_model 

Planning a London life drawing class or a hen party with a difference? I’m available in Central London and surrounds including Kent and Sussex: Croydon, Royal Tonbridge Wells, Dartford, Epsom, Leatherhead, Woking, Guildford, Crawley, Sevenoaks, Gillingham and Maidstone.

Life drawing a toned, well-endowed, funny, tall, marvellous, smashing, cheeky, handsome, debonair, virile, wacky and athletic naked male life model is the ultimate hen party event (apart from an all expenses paid trip to Monaco – but what are the odds?).

It will allow you to have a good giggle (or guffaw/ cackle / snigger) and get in deep union with your artistic spirit while sketching…and you will cherish the memories for as long as you shall live.

STOP. Pause and take in the enormity of all this in.

So you are thinking – this all sounds absolutely fab but how much will it all cost for this earth-shattering, life-affirming few hours of pure artistic hedonism and merriment with a fine example of manhood cost us?

23 million rubles? A twenty two thousand shekels? 2,500,000 billion Zimbabwean dollars?


For the low, low price of only £15 per hen – including materials –  you will have the chance to ponder my slightly pink, naked form while pretending to draw, drinking too much champagne and laughing uproariously at my little man!

Also available for events:
I also do installations, naked butler services, naked waiter, alternative events and parties and private sessions. Just get in touch with me. All types of art, for art is life!

About me –

I am in my 30s and available for London and within the M25. I can also work in the surrounds of Reading, Brighton, Cambridge, Milton Keynes and Oxford. An additional fee would apply for this…or just a couple of glasses of wine and sexual favours! Joking – of course ; – ) 

Yep, that’s ME below…see more on the “photos” page of the website.


Why choose me as your hen party model?

Do you STILL need to ask?

  • I am 6 foot 1 with a swimmer’s muscular, toned, slim physique
  • I have a variety of creative poses that you are sure to enjoy (and open to any suggested)
  • The party can be as wild (think Wolf of Wall Street) or as tame as you want.
  • I am not like some other 50 year olds who call themselves “hen party life models” — you know who you are! 😉 not pointing fingers……
  • I include drawing tuition in the classes – I like to draw also and know how to teach fairly well. 

What activities are included in the hen drawing session? 

I include a range of fun games:

  • burst the balloon
  • giant man sketching – where each hen is assigned a body part
  • find the post it – the party nominate 2 hens who are blindfolded and have to find the post it hidden somewhere on my body

Many of my poses are based on the statues of Ancient Greece including running, throwing and jumping and the fact that I am an athlete myself further improves the quality of the poses. The others are just totally random.

It’s fun, absorbing and I get everyone involved….but with your clothes on, unless you REALLY want to get into the spirit. Haha…


I am not a model who stands there silently (but I can) I am quite capable of helping direct the class and give pointers and tips along the way. We play a variety of games that get the girls’ creative juices flowing. I don’t like to be bored during a session and I don’t like the class to be bored either.

London hen party drawing model

Sessions with a hen party life model in London normally last an hour to an hour and a half.

Contact me:

Instagram: mike_life_model

Male hen party life model in London

Why choose a hen party life model in London for your hen party?

Because I rock! Don’t go through an agency – you don’t get that personalised experience. And you pay more!

For most it makes a tasteful and artistic alternative to hiring a dodgy stripper while still allowing for a bit of a giggle and let’s face it, a bit of an ogle and fondle too!

We find that many of those in the groups really used to enjoy drawing when they were at school and welcome the chance to pick it up again and give it a try in a comfortable and no-pressure situation where nobody’s drawings are judged.

The session follows the group’s wishes, so if you would like to focus more on lots of quick poses or want to do a mix of long and short poses then that is fine also. The group also dictate how wild or tame the session is also. Yes, there are some naughty hen groups out there! (You know who you are Vicky, Janet…and, how could I forget…Jennifer)

I find it varies from group to group and is totally up to you whether you want me to use props or pose with the hen or various members of the group, this is where the group’s creativity comes in to play.

I am open to the input of the group, the most important thing is to have a good time.

Have a look around my life modelling site and please don’t hesitate to get in touch with me! I am also available for hen party drawing for birthday parties and provide hen party body painting services.

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