Hen Party Naked Body painting

Hen party naked body painting 2023

Want to paint me? You provide the paints, I provide the glorious, virile, finely-honed naked body for your canvas. Get messy and touchy feely with this novel hen party activity. It’s great fun and sure to make the group of hens giggling…..or more.

Make me your nude masterpiece….

Imagine getting up close and personal with a real live naked male body (yes, we are a particularly compelling species). Prod and paint and brush to your heart’s content while surrounded with your besties (or worsties – it happens!)

It an unusual activity that is fast growing in popularity. Watch the video below to get an idea of how it works (no that is not me in the video!). Paint with brushes and/or your hands. It’s good fun!

Please note – Unlike other services run by agencies, I am…ahem….FULLY nude for the body painting and this included in the price, you don’t pay extra for it. I am one of the very few providers who can offer this! (The big agencies can’t for some reason – a bit naff that you have to paint a guy in a thong if you choose them!)


Hen party body painting: Frequently asked questions

Are you fully nude?

Yes, I am

How long does the session last?

The session is an hour, including some time to clean up. (I clean up good my mum says!)

Can we paint any part of you?

Lol, why is THIS always the most common question? Yes, if you should so wish. I shall “lay back and think of England”

Do we need to organise/provide paints?

No, I will provide them. The paints are all skin friendly and easy enough to wash off. 

Do it in the dark…

I am offering the new option of using glow in the dark paints while you paint me…it has a very interesting effect. All you can see is the marks you have made on my body. 

Can you find a venue for us?

No, but I can give you some tips to help find one. Airbnb is always a good option. Just make sure that the host is okay with having a hen party present. 

Hen party body painting session price

As a stand alone activity it will cost £15 per hen. As mentioned the materials are all provided. This is a great price for a fun activity. 

What you can expect during a hen party body painting session:

  • a tall, toned naked guy lying on the floor (on top of a plastic sheet) fully nude
  • I also stand so you can cover all the angles
  • paint every part of my body….(ooooh baby!)
  • it’s great hands-on and messy fun!

Other hen parties may do life drawing, so why not be different and try painting a male life model?

Sales pitch alert: Why not combine? Do the naked life drawing first and then get me on the floor (no, not in THAT way). The session can be as saucy or as safe as you would like – just don’t paint me with sauce, that’s a big no-no!

Contact me for more information and availability.

Make it a hen to remember. Looking for life drawing for a birthday party rather?


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