What is body painting?

What is body painting?

It’s actually really interesting and is not as obvious as you may at first think. Body painting has a few different divisions like: henna, temporary tattoos, cosplay and many more categories.

So there are few types of paint that are suitable to use on human skin, personally I like to use a water-based paint that comes off easily. You have to be careful with the type of paint and brushes that you use – they have to be suitable for a human skin.

Normally when painting you have a flat uniform canvas. Obviously in the case of body painting you don’t have this at all. You have a curved, rounded, flat and altogether varied canvas. Furthermore you have the human subject which adds an interactive element to the painting session. As a male hen party class model in London I am well versed with this. 

Often you would only have one artist and several hours to complete the desired design. In the case of hen parties you have only about an hour and also you have various people with different painting and drawing experience. This where hen party body painting comes in.

it really is a lot of dabbing, stroking, brushing fun at the end of the day.

what you need for bodypainting

  1. a human model
  2. paints
  3. a towel to clean up afterwards
  4. a shower to wash off the paint

i hope this post has given some guidance and inspiration for body painting for hen parties.

The thing is that it is so hard to write enough to make a blog post of this body painting thing, it really is. We will have to see if body painting pays off in the long term or this whole thing really.





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