Fun in 2021!

So, I am back to it with a bang! It looks like the dreaded COVID pandemic is steadily receding and bookings are starting to flood in again. I must say, I feel like I have lost a year and a half of my life. But I am sure the feeling is not uncommon. If you are looking for a superb hen party life drawing model then look no further.

I plan to update the website and add more photos and testimonials throughout. I am thinking of doing a comments book also. That could be a good idea. It is also important to keep the site updated for google, it like fresh content.

Have a look around and don’t hesitate to get in touch if you need anything.

What is body painting?

What is body painting?

It’s actually really interesting and is not as obvious as you may at first think. Body painting has a few different divisions like: henna, temporary tattoos, cosplay and many more categories.

So there are few types of paint that are suitable to use on human skin, personally I like to use a water-based paint that comes off easily. You have to be careful with the type of paint and brushes that you use – they have to be suitable for a human skin.

Normally when painting you have a flat uniform canvas. Obviously in the case of body painting you don’t have this at all. You have a curved, rounded, flat and altogether varied canvas. Furthermore you have the human subject which adds an interactive element to the painting session. As a male artist’s model in London I am well versed with this. 

Often you would only have one artist and several hours to complete the desired design. In the case of hen parties you have only about an hour and also you have various people with different painting and drawing experience. This where hen party body painting comes in.

it really is a lot of dabbing, stroking, brushing fun at the end of the day.

what you need for bodypainting

  1. a human model
  2. paints
  3. a towel to clean up afterwards
  4. a shower to wash off the paint

i hope this post has given some guidance and inspiration for body painting for hen parties.

The thing is that it is so hard to write enough to make a blog post of this body painting thing, it really is. We will have to see if body painting pays off in the long term or this whole thing really.





My new Instagram account

So I decided to set up an Instagram account to showcase some of my male life model photos and to network with others in the life drawing space. I have decided that I want to take my life modelling and posing to the next level next year.

First port of call is to get my training down. I am genetically gifted in that I can go weeks without going to gym and not lose much strength and be able to quickly return to where I was before. I can also eat the biggest load of rubbish and see no impact. I love the idea of really pushing myself to see how much and how far my body can take me. I’ve been travelling recently and did no gym for about 5 weeks and I found that did me good actually.

Here’s to next year and the adventures that it brings.

Oh, and I almost forgot here is the Instagram account – mike_life_model

Follow me there!



2018 so far

It’s been quite a busy year when it comes to all the life modelling. Recently, I have been doing a lot of normal art classes which I have enjoyed much more than I thought I ever would. And the quality of drawings is much higher than with hen parties, but they are more clinical. Anyway.

Bookings for 2019 are filling up fast – so don’t hesitate to book now.

I am also exploring getting in to other types of events, things like the Last Tuesday Society type events, where one is nude but there is an element of interaction with the crowd, and perhaps one is also painted. Or erotic art modelling. I am open to what may come my way.

So that’s a little summary of the year thus far. I will post again before the end of the year.