My new Instagram account

So I decided to set up an Instagram account to showcase some of my male life hen night model photos and to network with others in the life drawing space. I have decided that I want to take my life modelling and posing to the next level next year.

First port of call is to get my training down. I am genetically gifted in that I can go weeks without going to gym and not lose much strength and be able to quickly return to where I was before. I can also eat the biggest load of rubbish and see no impact. I love the idea of really pushing myself to see how much and how far my body can take me. I’ve been travelling recently and did no gym for about 5 weeks and I found that did me good actually.

Here’s to next year and the adventures that it brings.

Oh, and I almost forgot here is the Instagram account – mike_life_model

Follow me there!



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